The courses of the  Chudy Wawrzyniec 50km/80km/100km

The Chudy Wawrzyniec is the first ultra race in Poland which gives you an opportunity to decide on the distance to run even during the race. When you register for the race, you choose the distance but this is only for statistic perposes. The start line is the same for all the runners. However, the participant may pick the ultimate distance at two highlights on the route: Wielka Rycerzowa and the summit of Trzy Kopce. There are three distances to choose from (50km, 80 km and 100 km) in 2024. Below you can find descriptions of the routes, elevation profiles, maps and GPS tracks to download.

The 50km course

The start line is in Rajcza and the route leads thru such highlights as Rachowiec (the summit), Wielka Racza (the summit), Przegibek (mountain pass and nutrition station). At the next highlights Wielka Rycerzowa the runners are choosing a 50km or 80km distance. If they decide on the shorter one they must take the green trail passing thru the summit of Muńcuł with the finish line in Ujsoły.

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The 80km course

The start line is in Rajcza and the route leads thru such highlights as Rachowiec (the summit), Wielka Racza (the summit), Przegibek (mountain pass and nutrition station). On top of the next highlight, the summit of Wielka Rycerzowa the runners take the blue trail which goes thru the summit of Oszust, mountain pass of Glinka where the check point and nutrition point is located. Then there is the summit od Hruba Buczyna leading up hill  to the summit of Trzy Kopce. One can experience over 3800m of uphill running and climbing on this course. It mainly leads thru forests and meadows and runners must face steep hills and high elevations as well as downhill tracks. The  meandering narrow border paths will be a challenge to all the participants.

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The Parszywa Bendoszka course (next edition will be organised in 2025)

The Parszywa Bendoszka is the race, in which the runners who took part in the 50km Chudy Wawrzyniec marathon and turned left on the summit of Wielka Rycerzowa are given an opportunity to experience the second part of the Chudy Wawrzyniec course. The race is a ultra marathon distance of almost 60km which includes around 3000m of uphill running (500 more than the 50km race). The race is organized on Sunday with a start line in Rajcza whereas the Chudy Wawrzyniec takes place on Saturday. The Parszywa Bendoszka starting time is 6.00 and there is a 12hr-limit to complete the marathon so it is not a good option for ultra marathon beginners. The first 5,5km of the course is an asphalt road, which is almost plain. The course then follows thru the summits of Praszywka Wielka and Bendoszka Wielka reaching the first nutrition station near the shelter on the mountain pass of Przegibek. Yes, you are right! It is the legendary station offering the best dessert ever- blueberries with whipped cream. The distance between the start line and the station is only 13,7km but it amounts to the  elevation gain of 900m. After passing the station runners follow the part of the  80km Chudy Wawrzyniec course.

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Parszywa Bendoszka course profile:

The Mała Rycerzowa course

The race may have the shortest distance of 20,5km but the elevation gain of 1150m is enough to make runners exhausted. The 2021 edition will take place on Sunday, a day after the Chudy Wawrzyniec marathon. The Mała Rycerzowa starts in Rajcza at 10 am. After a short section of a vehicle road it continues along the picturesque red trail with such highlights as Chutyrów, Urówka, the slope of Młada Hora and Jaworzynka and reaches the summit of Mała Rycerzowa. At the divergence of the green and red trail there is the outermost point of the course. The route continues then along the green trail and later follows the final section of the 50km Chudy Wawrzyniec. Runners pass on their way Wiertalówka, Kotarz and Muńcuł and reach the finish line in Ujsoły, where they have some refreshments waiting for them. The Mała Rycerzowa course features one hydration station located in the mountain shelter Chyz u Bacy. Other treats will be provided in Ujsoły. Every participant of the Mała Rycerzowa race will get the same pack/kit as the participant of the  Chudy Wawrzyniec. Unfortunately, nothing compares to blueberries with whipped cream awaiting the runners at the nutrition station on the Przegibek pass.

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