Technical information 2019

Technical information of the Chudy Wawrzyniec Ultramarathon and Mała Rycerzowa moutain run – you will find here the most important information about 80+, 50+ and 20+ km routes gathered in one place – such as: what to do with the clothes that you want to give at the start, how are the routes marked, starting numbers, food at the nutritional points and at the finish line.



3 PM – 11 PM – Welcoming participants to the Competition Base in Rajcza (Primary School No. 1, 2 Rynek street)

4 PM – 11 PM – Work of the Competition Office in Rajcza (Primary School No. 1, 2 Rynek street)

4:30 PM – 6:15 PM – Work of the Competition Office for children races – Chudy Hulajnik – Ujsoły (Bystra street – close to start/finish line)

6 PM – start of the children races – Chudy Hulajnik – cat. D0 i D1

6:30 PM – start of the children races – Chudy Hulajnik – cat. D2

6:30 PM – start of the children races – Chudy Hulajnik – cat. D3, D4

7 PM – start of the children races – Chudy Hulajnik – cat. D5, D6

7:30 PM – decoration of Chudy Hulajnik winners – cat. D2, D3, D4, D5 i D6

7:30 PM – meeting with the elite of Chudy Wawrzyniec and Mała Rycerzowa in municipal Cultural Center „GOK” in Rajcza (2A Parkowa street)

8:30 PM – ON-LINE technical briefing (available on out Facebook profile), during which we will discuss resent information – after checking the routes (in municipal Cultural Center “GOK” in Rajcza, 2A Parkowa street)


03:00 / 03:30 / 03:40 AM – Departures of buses from Ujsoły (next to the Amphitheater) to Rajcza – start of Chudy Wawrzyniec

03:50 AM – Welcoming participants at the start

04:00 AM  – Start of Chudy Wawrzyniec (Rajcza, next to the Park, Do Soły street)

08:00 – 10:00 AM – Work of the Competition Office in Rajcza (Primary School No. 1, 2 Rynek st.) – Mała Rycerzowa

08:30 – 09:00 AM – Expected time otarcia zwycięzcy trasy 50+ km

09:30 / 10:00 AM – Departure of buses from Ujsoły (parking next to the Amphitheater) to Rajcza – start of Mała Rycerzowa

10:30 AM – Start of Mała Rycerzowa (Rajcza, next to the Park, Do Soły street)

11:45 AM – 12:30 PM – Expected time of the 80+ km winner arrival

12:00-12:15 PM – Expected time of the 20+ km winner arrival

2 PM – Decoration of Chudy Wawrzyniec 50+km and Mała Rycerzowa winners

3:30 PM – Time limit for Mała Rycerzowa

6:30 PM – Decoration of Chudy Wawrzyniec 80+ km winners

8:00 PM – Time limit fot 50+ km and 80+ km


Until 12 PM – Leaving the Competition Base

Accomodation in school

The accommodation will be available from 3 PM on Friday, and the school must be vacated by no later than 12 PM on Sunday.

Participants staying at school must obey the rules and regulations. Sleeping places will be given by the Organizer. Note – there are only 50 beds available (with a sheet, without bed linen – you need to have your own sleeping bag) for 20 PLN/bed. The rule “first come, first served” will apply until we run out of beds.

A dining room will be available at school, as well as boiling water:

  • On Friday 3 PM – 11 PM,
  • On Saturday 1 AM – 11 PM,
  • On Sunday 8 AM – 12 PM.

(Chudy Wawrzyniec) Attention – train!

A while after 4 AM there will be a train passing through the route of Chudy Wawrzyniec. Just in case, the start of the run will be delayed by couple of minutes, to be sure that it won’t affect the run. The delay of the start does not affect the time limits of the race.


Each participant sleeping at school will be allowed to use the deposit there (Depozyt-Szkoła). There will also be a possibility to leave your belongings at the start – we will take everything to the deposit at the finish line (next to the amphitheater in Ujsoły: Depozyt-Meta).

Transport Ujsoły-Rajcza

In the 2019 edition, we moved the base from Ujsoły to Rajcza, which is why we offer you a free transport between those towns.

Detailed timetable of our buses from Ujsoły (parking in front of the amphitheater – next to the finish line) to Rajcza (roundabout):

3 AM, 3:20 AM, 3:40 AM, 9:30 AM, 10 AM, 10:30 AM, 11 AM, 11:30 AM, 12 PM, 12:30 PM, 1 PM, 1:20 PM, 1:40 PM, 2 PM, 2:20 PM, 3 PM, 3:20 PM, 3:40 PM, 4 PM, 4:45 PM, 5:30 PM, 6:15 PM, 7 PM, 7:45 PM, 8:30 PM.

There is no need to book a seat in advance, you can just get on and go, and if there is no more room, you will have to take the next bus.

Toilets at the start

For Chudy Wawrzyniec 9 toilets will be available at the start – in the building at the stadium. 5 toilets for Mała Rycerzowa. It should be enough, but if you’re planning some longer visits, please have that in your mind or use the toilets in the Competition Base or your accommodation place.

Route marking

The initial, asphalt section of the route will be marked very figuratively. At the beginning and at the end of the race, there will be a marked car. Further, the route will be marked along the tourist trails according to the map and marked with a red tape by the Krok do Natury Foundation (Fundacja Krok do Natury). On the 80+ km, running strictly from the country’s border from Rycerzowa to Trzy Kopce the marks will be rarer, and additional directional arrows may appear.  Remember to take a map of the route that you will receive in the starting package (the maps i san element of mandatory equipment), as well as the uploading of track to your watches (you will find them in the ROUTE (“TRASA”) tab on our website.  .

Starting numbers and control points

On the route, the competitors will be checked by two ways: electronically (chips attached to shoe) or manually (judges writing down your starting numbers). We remind you that the starting number should be placed in the front in a visible manner so that the referees at the control points could read it. People with obscured numbers can be stopped by the judges until the number is placed in the right way.

Time limits on control points

(Chudy Wawrzyniec)

Point 1 – Zwardoń – 11,3 km – opening 05:45 AM, closing 06:30 AM

Point 2 – Przegibek (punkt odżywczy) – 37,3 km – opening 07:10 AM, closing 3 PM

Point 3 – Wielka Rycerzowa – 41,6 km – opening 8 AM, closing 5 PM

Point 4 – Przełęcz Kotarz – tylko 50+ km – 45,1 km – opening 8 AM, closing 6 PM

Point 5 – Przełęcz Glinka – only for 80+ km (nutritional point) – 59 km – opening 09:15, closing 4 PM

Mała Rycerzowa

Point 1 – Chyz u Bacy (punkt odżywczy) – 8,2 km – opening 10:30 AM, closing 1 PM

Point 2 – Przełęcz Kotarz – 13,7 km – opening 07:30 AM, closing 2 PM

Omitting one of the points ay result in a time penalty or disqualification.

Emergency numbers

At the back of your staring numbers you will find a contact number to people responsible for medical protection – we hope that you will not have to use them, but if necessary, remember that you have this number with you all the time. In addition, there will be a lace to provide an ICE contact – remember to write it.

Emergency numbers that are also worth enerting into your cellphones in advance.

+48 791 070 271  – medical help

+48 784 483 813 – Piotr Książkiewicz (Szmajchel) – race Director

In the event of resignation and leaving the route, please inform us on one of the above numbers (text message with the starting number or a phone call).

It is also worth saving the numbers of emergency numbers in the mountains: 601 100 300 (GOPR), as well as downloading the app RATUNEK (ANDROID /iPhone).

Mandatory equipment:

You are obliged to possess during the race:

  • Container/containers (water bottles) holding min. 1 liter of liquids,
  • Multi-use cup (if you don’t have a container/bottle out of which you can drink at nutritional points),
  • A working cell phone,
  • ID card or passport,
  • NRC foil,
  • Maps with the route of the run (from the starter pack),
  • Time-measuring chip (from the starting pack), attached to your shoe,
  • Starting number clearly displayed with the ICE number written on the back.

Lack of any of the elements above during the check (they are possible during the race and/or at the finish of the competition) will result in a time penalty or disqualification. In the absence of a container/containers for water with a capacity of min. 1 lier, the participant will get an hour of time penalty. For the lack of each element (except the water containers, the lack of which means an hour penalty), the participant will get a 15-minute penalty (e.g. no NRC foil – 15-minute penalty, no foil and map – 30-minute penalty). The participant will be disqualified for the lack of four or more items missing.

Route marks

During the race, you will receive silicone bands – markers of the covered route. Route 50+ will receive their bands on the place where the routes depart at Wielka Rycerzowa, route 80+ km at Trzy Kopce. The 20+km route will receive the marker at Mała Rycerzowa (11 km of the route). The band should be place on the hand and shown to the judge at the finish line.

Nutritional Points

(Mała Rycerzowa) At the nutritional point  (9th km of the route) there will be available: water, ALE isotonic drink and bananas.

(Chudy Wawrzyniec) At the first nutritional point in the hostel at Przegibek (both routes – 38km) there will be available: water, ALE isotonic drink, sweet buns, watermelons, bananas, oranges, dried fruits, nuts, blueberries with cream and sugar. The point is organized, as every year, by a team from the hostel in cooperation with the Communal Culture and Sports Center in Rajcza (thank you!).

At the second nutritional point (only for 80+km – 59 km of the route) there will be: water, ALE isotonic drink, non-alcoholic beer Miłosław, sandwiches with cheese and sausage, fruits: watermelons, bananas, oranges, waffles, raisins and crackers.

There will also be a nutritional point at the finish line with water, ALE isotonic drink, beer, fruits and sweet buns.

At the finish line, you will have the opportunity to eat something more substantial – the regeneration meal will be available in two versions: meat (battership, bread, compote) and vegetarian (pasta with vegetables, compote). The meal will be issued between 10:30 AM and 8 PM on the basis of the starting number, so remember to take it with you.

At the nutritional point (and also at the finish) there won’t be any plastic cups and you must have your own container for water/isotonic.

Additional meals/drinks

Przed startem będziecie mogli wypić coś ciepłego na odpłatnym stoisku z kawą i herbatą. Before the start you will be able to drink something warm and at the coffee and tea stand (paid). In addition, boing water will be available in the school canteen in Rajcza.

At the finish line in Ujsoły you will be able to take advantage of the Wege Zbój foodtruck offer (coffee, tea, vegeburgers, vegetarian stew).

We sort garbage!

The fact that we do not leave garbage on the Trail and take everything to the backpack/pocket all the packaging of gels, bars, etc. is clear, like the sun. But we are taking a step further. We will prepare seperate containers for various types of garbage, so we gave a request fot attention when you throw trash in the bin. Sorting garbage every day is something obvious to us, for many of you probably also, so we hope that on Chudy this pat will go easily.

The Golec Brothers Foundation supporting points

The pupils of the Golec Brothers Foundation (Fundacja Braci Golec), whom you had the opportunity to suport by buying a charity package, will repay you with their live music! There will be two supporting points: between 07:00 AM and 10:00 AM around the hostel and nutrition point in Przegibek (37/38 km of the 50+ and 80+ km route) and between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM right behind the hostel on Rycerzowa  (at 43 km of the 50+ km route and 12 km of the Mała Rycerzowa route).

Additional information

Organized external support is not allowed – this also applies to nutritional points.

On Chudy there has never been and there will be no drop bags.

There is no ban on the use of sticks.

Just remember to return the time-measuring chips at the finish line.

Photographic services will be provided by: Karolina KrawczykPiotr OleszakPiotr DymusTomasz Pawlicki and Mateusz Stodolski. The after movie of the event will be prepared by the film crew of Sklep Biegacza.