Opublikowane: 19-12-2020

Va Hospital Master Agreement

NVAC submitted an application to the Federal Labor Relations Authority, the parent authority of the FSIP, to stay the decision until the pending appeals concerning several articles of the agreement and the constitutionality of the appointment of FSIP members are clarified. C. Recognising that the masteragrement does not cover all aspects or cannot contain a final language on each subject covered, it is considered that medium-term agreements at all levels may involve substantial negotiations on all subjects covered by the steering agreement, provided they do not affect, compromise or affect the implementation of the agreement. However, each article identifies points that are excluded from mid-term negotiations. Witnesses who testified on this matter unanimously agreed that the officers assigned to the day shift are subject to the night shift and are subject to the evening and night shifts. (Tr. 35-36, 81-82, 109, 128, 145) There have been some differences in perception as to whether the mandate is guaranteed for employees who choose to spend the evening and the night shift, giving workers the opportunity to earn a 10% pay gap for work between 6 a.m. and 6 a.m. Some witnesses described staff interventions in the evening and night shifts as „permanent.” (Tr. 35-36, 128) Other witnesses described the operations as „indeterminate.” (Tr.

109, 120, 136) The dataset shows that the main factor that determines the position to which an employee is assigned is the employee`s preference. (Tr. 109, 145) Employees are not required to stay on the night or night shift if they do not want to stay. (Tr. 90) When there are more employees than is necessary to apply for the day job, employees looking for this position are put on them and put in place in the evening and night shifts. (Tr. 145) However, if more employees apply for the evening or night shift than is needed, they must wait for a free place to arrive in the position to be assigned to the position. (Tr. 146) Connie Shiverdecker, the care home`s clinical coordinator, testified that she never required employees to change positions and that employees could work for 10 to 20 years on the same team.

(Tr. 136-39) Shiverdecker also explained that it was changing the schedules rarely booked, and this is usually done at the employee`s request. (Tr. 138) It is apparent from the various testimonies that employees who choose the day shift to the evening and night shifts to cover staff shortages. Workers who choose to work evenings or nights are generally allowed to stay indefinitely and are generally not rotated to the other two positions. In addition, it will be rare, if not rare, to involuntarily assign an employee to another position. AFGE and the Department of Veterans Affairs are parties to a collective agreement covering consolidated bargaining units at the national level. Section 20 of this collective agreement, entitled „Working Hours and Overtime,” contains a number of provisions relating to the allocation of working hours.