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Music Copyright Agreement Sample

Once you have found the perfect song or musician for your production and have received the green light from the artist or copyright owner, you must create a music licensing agreement. If you are a musician with the ability to sell the rights to your melody – whether you are being revoked by a music company, a television producer or an advertiser – a well-written music licensing agreement guarantees that you get your fair cut. II. RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS. The user is the sole owner of the work and all property rights over and over the work; However, this property does not include copyright ownership over and over property or other property rights that are not expressly granted in this agreement. If you get a music license agreement, you may be in trouble. Most music is copyrighted, and if you want to use a melody in a multimedia production, you have to play by the rules. Every musician has heard of artists who have lost control of their rights while their songs continue to play. A music licensing agreement protects both parties if you decide in advance whether royalties should be paid as a percentage of revenue, for a specified amount for each use or under another contract. Where will the song be used, and how long? Can it only be used in a given geographic area? Can the purchaser transfer the rights without the composer`s consent? Can the song be duplicated? You can define everything in a music license agreement. Whether your selection is a top 40 hit, golden oldie or obscure indie, this simple and flexible document can help protect your interests. Other names for this document: Music Licensing Agreement, Music License Contract 2. The owner holds all rights to the work and reserves all rights to the work that are not transferred to him and retains all copyrights of the Common Law and all federal copyrights that have been or may be granted by the Library of Congress.

1. The holder holds all ownership rights to and from copyrighted and/or copyrighted works described in this Agreement. Copyrighted works are collectively referred to as „work.” Music Licensing Agreement – March 30, 2014 by Scott Hampton V. DEFAULTS ON AGREEMENT. If the User does not comply with the obligations under this Agreement, including the obligation to pay a licence fee when it is due, the owner has the option to terminate the contract by notifying the User in writing for 30 days. The user has the option to take corrective action to remedy the failure in order to avoid termination of the agreement if these corrective measures are taken before the expiration of the period covered in the previous sentence.