Opublikowane: 11-12-2020

Le Touquet Agreement Brexit

THE MINISTER – Yes, but from the beginning… You know, when we held referendums in France, we put a text on the table. And we said: are you for or against the text? The problem is that the British did not say yes or no to a text, they did not say yes or no to an agreement, they said yes or no to a concept. And today, between the will of the people to leave the European Union and the way in which this can happen, we obviously see a lot of difficulties. That is why we need the British to tell us what they want. 62.An agreement on the terms of the UK`s withdrawal from the EU was reached at the negotiating level in November 2018 and approved by the heads of state and government at an extraordinary European Council (EU-27) at the end of the month58. The European Union and the UK negotiated a two-year withdrawal deal, the best possible to protect EU citizens from the consequences of Brexit. A senior French minister has said his country could denounce the Le Touquet deal if Britain leaves the EU. What does he mean? „All indications are that we should work on some form of bilateral agreement if we can do without agreements, otherwise the [transfers] do not work. I hope that the British government will extend the hand of cooperation to the French on this issue, even before we have concluded our Brexit agreements. 110 With regard to relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union, the withdrawal agreement, which came into force on 31 January 2020, provides for a transitional period of at least 30 December – which can be extended by the joint decision of the United Kingdom and the Union before 1 July 2020 – in which the provisions of EU law continue to apply to the United Kingdom , as they have done as a Member State. without participating in the EU`s decision-making process.

100.Jon Featonby stated that the close cooperation between British and French Red Cross companies in family reunification depended on the existence of national agreements between the French and British authorities. It was difficult to predict what cooperation between Britain and France might look like after Brexit, but „there was certainly a risk that, if this cooperation were not there, the impact this could have on the population would be quite worrying.”106 Emmanuel Macron, the newly elected French President, promised during his election campaign to renegotiate the Le Touquet agreement that allows British border agents to renegotiate the Le Touquet agreement. , to carry out checks in France. 79.Professor Ryan and Alan Desmond pointed out that the EU had concluded a number of readmission agreements with third countries to facilitate the return of third-country nationals who did not violate the right of residence in the EU, including failed asylum seekers.