Opublikowane: 09-12-2020

Florida Standard Shared Parenting Agreement

Florida uses four types of parental plans. Everyone needs slightly different information, in addition to the requirements listed above. The written format and visual format should accurately indicate the start and end date of each parent`s time release. For example, if children spend weekends with a parent, the schedule should indicate the start and end date of that education period, for example. B from Friday 16:00 until Monday 8:00. If you are about to divorce, you may need to consider a sharing schedule, as Florida prefers common parenting to the concept of custody. A plan for common parenting in Florida generally divides the responsibility of parenting between both parents, so both show the ability and willingness to act in the interests of minor children. If you are in conflict with your co-parent or have questions about your joint custody plan, contact a child care lawyer, who can guide you through the trial and inform you of the options. The sharing program is the part of your parenting plan that explains when children live with each parent and spend time.

In other countries, this is sometimes called a visit plan. The basic plan does not require information beyond what is required for all parenting plans in Florida (explained above). There are other provisions to consider. For example, a parent who must receive child care as an agreement cannot refuse to meet the shared custody schedule. A violation of the parent-sharing agreement can result in a loss of time with your child, the need to pay court and legal fees, and mandatory attendance at an education course. Other disciplinary actions for violating your common parenting plan include community service and schedule changes. If you are negotiating an education plan or changing your education plan, it is important to review the new law – and be aware of the impact it can have on your case. The Florida Statute 61.13 describes the laws on time sharing and co-parenting. The statute contains many provisions that affect the shared custody periods of parents seeking more time with their children. The primary consideration of common custody plans depends heavily on the well-being of the minor child.