Opublikowane: 09-04-2021

Doing A Party Wall Agreement Yourself

Your architect will have had a lot of experience dealing with issues of party life – some might even be party surveyors. To start this process, you need to appoint an agreed surveyor. It is a surveyor that represents both budgets during the agreement process and is usually appointed within the first 10 days. After doing everything right, you and your neighbour, after doing nothing, you would think that you can name your surveyor as „agreed” and save you a few pounds, but unfortunately the law states that the adjacent owner has the right to have his own surveyor, unless he accepts something else. The agreement, or „attribution,” as we know, will cover three areas: to fully protect yourself from future disputes, you can also have your party surveyor assess the area and write state documentation just before construction begins. A party wall is a wall, boundary or annex that you share with another home. These are common between semi-detached and semi-detached houses, but can also affect independent properties if you divide a garden wall or an invisible containment line. Important: Since you will be the one to cover these costs, you may be hesitant to pick up a second professional. However, you are legally required to make all of these options available and to have them clearly stated in your voting notice. Sometimes, however, the neighbour will insist on using his own surveyor, in which case you will need it. This will be a more expensive scenario for you, since you have to pay both fees. Whatever you do, you should not be tempted to disrespect the provisions of the law to save money.

Inaction with work without notifications, consents and agreements is a dangerous practice, in addition to being illegal. A notice of objection from the party can be served either by a party surveyor (usually against a package) or by themselves – you will find the necessary forms here. A confirmation letter for the neighbour is usually included. However, if your neighbour is not against the notification, you will need to appoint a surveyor (or maybe two) to establish a „party rollover agreement” and secure the price. Learn more about the benefits of using a party surveyor. If your neighbour agrees, that`s the end of the case with respect to the party wall law, although you may want to organize a protection plan on your land to identify its current state. This will ensure that existing defects are identified and not wrongly attributed to your work afterwards. When your notification expires, you must send a letter within 10 days stating that your neighbour must appoint a party surveyor. During this period, both parties may agree to use the same surveyor. However, if this does not happen within the proposed 10-day period (either because the other party refuses or does not respond), you must order two game surveyors. Your neighbour will either select his or hers or you will do so on their behalf if they do not respond in time.

You also need to make sure they are using a different surveying company than you are. Worried that your project will be affected by the business of the wall party? Not sure if you need to provide a notification or know when you should? Don`t worry, our team is always on hand for tailored advice on free consultations – book yours here. You need to accurately describe the work on the wall – your surveyor or architect can help you do that. If you dig up, you must specify all the structural details.