Opublikowane: 05-12-2020

Company Credit Card Agreement For Employees

An official document setting out the terms of use of a credit card issued by the company. Your participation in the Visa Corporate Credit Card (`card`) is a convenience that is responsible. Although the card is issued in your name, it must be considered a property of the big island (hereafter 😀 istrict`) and be used as part of a prudent „professional judgment.” Your signature below confirms that you understand the card`s policies, that you agree to comply with them, that you are bound by the terms and conditions below as well as by council policies, administrative procedures and business office procedures regarding the use of the card. Sometimes we provide credit cards that can only be used for specific purposes (p.B. gas payment). You can use a business card to pay only for work-related expenses. This means that some companies allow certain employees to use the company`s credit card for personal transactions. A lawyer can help you consider policies, procedures and procedures to regulate the use and security of the card and reimbursement of fees. The purpose of this credit card directive is to (a) outline authorisation and authorisation procedures, (b) to indicate the general terms and conditions of the credit card to businesses, (c) to define restrictions and exceptions, and (d) to explain card violations and disciplinary measures. There is also a transaction limit of [$150] for most of our credit cards. For an exception, talk to [your director/finance/head of department/etc.] We can tailor these limits to the specific requirements of your workstation. If you are unsure of your credit card limits, ask our accountant. 4.

You are the only person authorized to use the card and you are responsible for all fees collected against the card. If you have a corporate credit card, we expect you: Staff name (print) Credit card number (as shown on the card) Our company has the right to check the use of your credit card and withdraw it if there is inappropriate use. If you are responsible for authorizing and approving credit card invoices, please do so on time to avoid late fees. If you are systematically responsible for late charges, we may have to deduct them from your salary. After being checked by a lawyer, you want each employee who will be issued a common card to review the policy and abre the confirmation form. Once the agreement is signed by all parties involved, be sure to keep a copy of each contract signed in your files if you ever have to apply the directive. To ensure that all your bases are covered, your corporate credit card policy must include an assignment statement, domain, section on terms of use, restrictions and exceptions, and define the disciplinary process. 5. Honestly inconsequentical incorrect use of the card (you make an honest mistake), which is brought to the attention of the company manager and quickly corrected not as a misappropriation of district funds, but can lead to a temporary suspension of the use of the card.

You cannot use the company`s credit card for unauthorized or personal expenses.