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Addendum To Publication Agreement

5. Additional obligations from the publisher. Publisher undertakes to provide the author, within 14 days of the first publication and free of charge, an electronic copy of the article published in a format. B, for example the portable document format (.pdf) that preserves the final layout, formatting and content. No technical restrictions will be imposed, such as settings. B security, such as security settings, to prevent copying or printing of the document. 6. Recognition of previous grants. In addition, where appropriate and without limitation of the aforementioned property reserve rights, Publisher acknowledges: that the transfer of copyright by the author or the grant, by the author, exclusive rights to the publication agreement depends on the prior granting of a non-exclusive copyright license to the employer institution and/or a funding body that has financially supported the research reflected in the article as part of an agreement between the institution of employers or authors and a funding institution of this type, for example. B a U.S. agency.

4. Author`s property reserve. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of the publication agreement, AUTHOR and PUBLISHER accept that in addition to the copyright held by the author in the publication agreement, the author retains the right to reproduce, disseminate, publicly post the article and publicly present the article in any media for non-commercial purposes; (ii) the right to prepare works derived from the article; and (iii) the right to allow others to use the article for non-commercial purposes as long as the author receives recognition as an author and the journal in which the article was published is cited as the source of the first publication of the article. For example, the author may make and distribute copies as part of teaching and research and publish the article on personal or institutional websites and in other open access digital repositories. Alternatively, you can use a Science Commons tool to generate a PDF copy of the standard MIT addition (which does not reflect MIT`s open access policy). 2009 Addendum, which reflects mit`s „Open Access” directive, MIT authors may wish to use an additional form or amendment for copyright agreements for publishers, which reflects the OA guidelines. 7. For the preservation of the recordings The author of the publisher requests the signature of a copy of this addendum and the return to the author. However, if the publisher publishes the article in the journal or in some other form without signing a copy of this addendum, this publication shows the publisher`s agreement on the terms of this addendum. 2) The parties to the publication contract in the amended form and supplemented by this endorsement are: .

CET ADDENDUM amends and completes the attached publication agreement with the following article: . ________ 3. This addendum and the publication agreement together assign all copyrights to all versions of the article. The parties agree that in the event of a conflict between this addition and the publication contract, the provisions of this addendum are of the utmost importance and that the publication agreement must be interpreted accordingly. . (Individually or, if more than one author, collective, author) Versions with the requirements of the White House AUTHOR PUBLISHER Directive ( author corresponding to the names of all authors) – (Date) ..